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About Our Cause 

Purple Globe Acres Inc. is a Christian-based farm, winery, and orchard that offers all-natural and organic products that benefit our customers and our community. When our goal to create a Christian nonprofit business didn't work out, we thought about other ways we could help our community. Though we want to help many different people, we specifically hope to help with the homeless problem in the Pinnacle, North Carolina, area.

Community Involvement

Those who are unable to find work and are willing, wanting, and able to contribute to society in a positive way, we will educate them on what we do at our business. Part of our goal is to grow the workforce within our community to make it stronger. All proceeds from our sales will benefit this workforce outreach and other worthy charities and causes.

What's Behind Our Name

The name, Purple Globe Acres Inc., was chosen to honor the purple robe that Jesus wore during his crucifixion. After he died for our sins, the Roman soldiers divided up his clothes, including his purple robe, by casting. We chose to change our name from purple robe to purple globe to honor the sacrifice of Jesus.